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Press release February 6th, 2014

MOBILE 24H ECG WITH SAMSUNG G S4 – ANALYZE YOUR HEART RHYTHM WITH YOUR PHONE has tested its 24 h ECG analysis service with Samsung smartphones.

“It is now possible to do a proper 24 h ECG heart rhythm monitoring with a smartphone. We tested our HeartBug service with Samsung S4 and S2 phones and it works fine. It is therefore not necessary to own a PC for heart rhythm analysis”, says Mr Ossi Tiihonen, founder,

Video about the test is available here:

HeartBug starter kit comes with 24 h capable professional-grade ECG device (usually called a Holter monitor) and six automated analyses. Starter kit costs only USD 199 and is available at the

SuperECG web shop,

and at

Amazon, .

More analyses can be purchased from the web shop, six analyses with electrodes costs only USD 39.

HeartBug device operates with a Micro-USB connection and the service can be used with any device with an internet connection and a USB port, like PC’s, smart phones with a USB Host feature etc. When connected to a USB host device the HeartBug acts just as a regular memory stick. There is no need to install special software. HeartBug device can be charged with regular cellphones chargers or PC USB ports.

For Press

SuperECG offers free HeartBug starter kits for first 50 media representatives. If you are interested in testing the HeartBug, send your contact information to

Contact information

Ossi Tiihonen
Tel. +358 40 506 5547

Press release August 12th, 2013

Monitor your heart rhythm at – whenever, wherever!

Finnish-Estonian SuperECG has launched a new HeartBug service for monitoring the heart with the HeartBug device and advanced monitoring software.

The world’s most easy to use ECG device

SuperECG provides a 24-hour ECG examination for everyone. The HeartBug device is buttonless and the service functions completely online. The service has been developed by cardiologists and hardware and software designers.

Now anyone can conduct a cardiac assessment that previously required a visit to a specialist. The device records the heart’s electrical activity for 24 hours and the advanced cardiac analysis system produces a report. The extensive report points out possible findings indicating arrhythmia, as well as the impact of physical exercise.

For arrhythmia patients and athletes

The HeartBug service is suitable for people with a higher risk of arrhythmias and those already suffering from arrhythmia. It is a quick way to check the effectiveness of treatment or the condition of the heart for older individuals. Arrhythmias become more common with age; every sixth person over 75 suffers from arrhythmias.

The HeartBug is a great tool for studying how the heart responds to exercise. Although the service is optimised for 24-hour measurements, it allows monitoring for shorter periods to see how your heart functions during the most strenuous periods of training and the stages of recovery. The HeartBug is a phenomenal way to self-monitor your heart equal to the devices used by cardiologists.

Automatic analysis and report

“This is a revolutionary service. The HeartBug is simple to use and the analysis system is effective. The device is extremely light and discreet to use. Yet, it records a professional 3-channel measurement of the electrical activity of the heart. The analysis system scans 100,000 heartbeats in a few minutes and forms a report that can be compared to the sample reports found on the website. Now anyone can explore their own heart, whenever, wherever”, says Timo Hakkarainen of SuperECG.

The picture shows an example of a prolonged pause between heartbeats – sinoatrial arrest – (marked with a red circle) causing a slower pulse reading (18 beats per minute). In this case the arrhythmia led to the installation of a pacemaker.
The HeartBug package includes the ECG device, accessories and access to the unique analysis software. It can be ordered for 195 euros + shipping at

Contact information

Timo Hakkarainen
Tel. +372 5450 9210



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